” I am privileged to work with people of all ages and from all walks of life.  Just seeing the look of recognition of what it’s like to be balanced on the faces of my patients, younger and older, when they get off the couch and relax into their structure again makes this work a real joy.”

Catherine has been practising the healing arts since 2002. She has trained in the UK and the US.  Her background was in human chiropractic and as a post graduate she studied advanced craniosacral therapy. Over the last decade has fine tuned her skills and she has developed what she believes to be a truly sympathetic way of working with the body. She no longer practices chiropractic and it is through craniosacral therapy and gentle manipulation techniques that she applies the least force necessary to make therapeutic and effective change for people with pain, injury and dysfunction. She also holds a degree in Genetics. Catherine is a member of the Craniosacral Society and holds her clinic in Belgravia, London tailoring her treatment to each client. She celebrates wellness and her aim is to help you to help your body to heal itself. Catherine hopes that through this extraordinary work she helps people evolve toward a new state of health and in some way assists them in living a truly vibrant and engaging life.


The correct alignment of your physical structure is vital for your health and wellbeing. Misalignments go hand in hand with nerve irritation, muscle and fascial tightening. The result… stress on joints and ligaments and a compromised nervous system.  All of these can cause pain or loss of function at the region of the problem or elsewhere in the body….in short chaos in the system.

Slight skeletal misalignments any where in the body, including both the spine and the cranium leads to decreased nervous system integrity and therefore decreased health or pain elsewhere in the body. The 27 bones (adult) of the head or cranium are not fused and retain a small though detectable movement throughout life. The spine is made up of 24 moveable vertebrae, the sacrum and the coccyx. It protects the spinal cord which transmits nerve information to and from the brain. Where spinal misalignments occur nerves may become impinged, compressed or stretched so distorting the information that passes along it. Again this can lead to pain, discomfort or limited functionality.  Misalignments can result from:

    • Injury
    • Poor posture
    • Repetitive or strenuous work
    • Pregnancy
    • Stress

Imbalance in one area has a knock on affect elsewhere. Your body is a totally integrated system and the forces of gravity through your posture, a car accident or a deep seated discontent within the family unit can be transmitted through the tensegrity structures of your body to best effect; the best from your body being that which achieves maximum structural strength and equilibrium. Our bodies really do their best to cope with trauma, including the microtrauma induced by poor posture and we don’t necessarily have to endure this compromised state. Assisting the body through this rebalancing treatment allows the body opportunity to reduce the heightened state of chaos in the system and allow it to function more efficiently so we can get on with life.

Many people can find benefit from improving their alignment, including:

    • People with back and neck pain
    • Those suffering from stress
    • Headache sufferers
    • People experiencing digestive or hormonal imbalance
    • Pregnant mothers
    • Mothers with babies post-birth with colic symptoms

Many other areas that affect the quality of lives can be affected by the cranium, such as face pain, jaw problems, digestion, co-ordination, taste and smell problems, ear pain, learning difficulties and support during dental work. The scope of this work is vast. After all it’s the nervous system that is key to allowing us to react to the environment and helps control and regulate other body systems.

When we are not aligned we are functioning below par and even if we don’t have pain we may be tired, irritable and firing on less than all cylinders! The body’s myofascial and skeletal systems are inseparable. With this in mind Catherine tailors her treatment to suit the individual, frequently using both Craniosacral Therapy and Gentle Manipulation where it seems appropriate to help you become better aligned…a more balanced you.


A detailed case history will be taken at your first visit as well information about your symptoms. Your physical alignment will be assessed. Catherine has a finely tuned sense of touch and any misalignment found will be observed and corrections made through craniosacral rebalancing (this includes fascial work that can feel like a gentle unwinding under the skin and often heat is experienced) or gentle adjustment (this feels little more than a ‘flick’ to receive). A treatment regimen will be discussed and tailored to your needs. Modesty gowns are available. Craniosacral therapy as a sole treatment is given whilst you remain fully clothed. Please wear comfortable clothing. The number of treatments needed varies depends on the nature of your condition, how long you have had it and your general health. Most patients need between two and ten treatments initially at weekly intervals and then gradually more widely spaced, some need a treatment more frequently for example on a monthly basis. Many people find it beneficial to be checked and realigned several times a year to keep their body balanced. There may be simple things you can do to help yourself including adopting a good posture, stretching and positioning your computer correctly. These can be discussed at your visit. Most people find treatment gentle and pleasant to receive. Sometimes your body lets you know things have changed in alignment by a feeling of lightness in the body or sometimes by a little transitory achiness the evening of the day following treatment as your body gets used to its new alignment. Have a look at the testimonials.