Here’s what a few patients have said about their treatment:

“I can’t recommend Catherine highly enough. As a sufferer of severe back and hip pain and having tried other therapies such as osteopathy; it was a relief to find such effective treatment given in a way that is gentle and painless. My experiences have been entirely positive and restorative and I would recommend Catherine’s treatment to anyone suffering any level of pain.”

“Helps maintain balance in every way. Gentle yet profound. I feel very blessed that I found you.”

“My experience of CST with Catherine has been excellent. It compliments and adds to the manipulation helping consolidate and fully allowing the adjustments to settle in place. It is also deeply relaxing.”

“I walked into Catherine’s treatment room in a great deal of pain, having strained my back the previous day.  I had had precious little sleep the night before and was worrying about how I was going to cope with my busy day ahead.  I walked out free of pain and have been fine ever since. Even though I have some understanding of what she does, it still seems like magic and she seems like a magician.”

“I initially went to see Catherine for neck and shoulder pain. She quickly ascertained that I responded better to craniosacral treatment than only adjustments. I continue to see her periodically for approximately eight years not only for neck tension but also for repairing the trauma associated with a high level of long haul air travel. I would recommend her expertise to anyone.”

“Treatment with Catherine is invariably helpful and positive. When I stand up after the treatment I feel eased, loosened and in my case several years younger! I frequently recommend this treatment to people and tell them what a remarkable difference this has made to my life”

“A truly ‘full body’ experience in that it works on all levels; physical, mental and spiritual. It really is a great maintenance session for the modern world, rebalancing everything that a hectic modern lifestyle can knock out of shape.”

“Catherine has been an invaluable help to me during my three pregnancies (pre and post natal) most particularly with pelvis and back pain.   Her gentle treatments always leave me feeling more relaxed, comfortable and mobile – she truly has miracle hands. I have recommended her to many family and friends who, having received treatment from her for a range of back ailments, all agree.”